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Where can I buy Chrysanne®?

Chrysanne® ican be found in the the best gardening centers and the special shops selling potted plants. If you cannot finf it in the assortment ask the provisioners.

How long does Chrysanne® bloom?

Around 5 weeks. If you take care of it well, the blooming will last longer.

Where is it better to put Chrysanne®?

Place it on a light spot, but not on the direct sunshine. If it is a bit cold, the blooming will last longer.

Which temperature is the most apropriate for Chrysanne®?

The optimal temperature is15 С. These plants do not stand very lcold or hot weather conditions. This rule works for all the ornamental plants: hide them back in house before it freezes outside. If you feel, it gets colder put the plant on a sunnier spot.

How often should I give Chrysanne® water?

2-3 times a week depending on the room temperature. In any case, check up on the soil hydration.

Can I plant Chrysanne® out at home?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In your production we got special conditions and climate for that. At home it is not possible to imitate that.

Do I need to add fertiisers in water?

Fetilisers are not needed. In each pot there are enough mineral substances for 5-10 weeks of blooming.

The leaves of my Chrysanne® started to fade. What can I do to fix that?

Overnight put the plant in a thin layer of water (3 cm). After that your Chrysanne® will look much fresher.

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