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Lionplant is a family business on 22 000 m2 managed by Hans van Leeuwen. Since 2000 the nursery operate at the address: Stuartlaan 1b, Honselersdijk. In 2007 the company put its efforts on growing potted chrysanthemums. The mission of Lionplant is to stay the leader in growing high quality potted chrysanthemums.
  • Every day it produces a lot of these flowers which are packed in a convenient and attractive for a client way.
  • The nursery is a member of Decorum. This is an organisation aimed on promotion and sales for growers of indoor and outdoor plants and growers of flowers from the Netherlands. Amonst them Lionplant and Van Schie are the only nurseries of the potted chrysanthemums.
  • The target audience of the company - Eastern Europe countries.
  • The plants are sold at the gegining of thier bloomimg.
  • The company's strategy is equal prices for all the clients.


The production overview

Each year the company produces 1,4 million chrysanthemums by 5 employees. The production is fully automised and narrowly specialised.
  • The robot plants the seedlings. In this aspect the company is unique in the Netherlands. It insures the highest quality of seedlings which affects the final result.
  • The growth rate is controled by experts. After 3 weeks the robot transpants the young chrysanthemums. The plants are then processed by specialists giving them the proper shape.
  • Three weeks before blooming the plants are manually transplanted by the side company. After 60-70 days the plant containers are collected and sorted by the robot, they are then getting prepared for delivery.

Would you like to get to know more about this grower? Get in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. op with Hans van Leeuwen.

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