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Van Schie

The roots of Van Schie lie in pot lilies. In 1985 Wim van Schie was the first to cultivate them. The company has grown into a specialist in the cultivation of pot lilies in many varieties, colours and pot sizes spread over 5 hectares. Nowadays, this modern company is run by Martin van Schie and Marcel van der Voort. All of the products are grown sustainably. In 2018 Van Schie took over the cultivation of Chrysanne® Grandezza from Personality Plant. Nowadays also the Chrysanne® Margarita are cultivated at this company.


Van Schie is a Decorum member, just like Lionplant, and cultivates headed pot chrysanthemums of a very high quality among its assortment. This results in a bushy plant, with a profusion of flowers and great longevity. Through the cultivation of pot lilies, Van Schie has gotten used to carrying out customised work and customer requests. They make every effort to ensure the quality remains high and the customer's wishes are fulfilled.


A peek into the production

After the cultivation of lilies (bulbs) and chrysanthemums (cuttings) has started, these groups are separated and follow their own path through the production process. Van Schie has invested in lighting and a good environment to create the perfect conditions for precise cutting and heading. The cultivation of Chrysanne® starts on trolleys, then they are set further apart on the concrete floor. When preparing orders for shipment, the different groups are brought back together so they can be packaged according to the customer's wishes and combined if necessary.


Attention to the environment

Van Schie believes it is important to help create a sustainable environment. The energy needed for the lighting is generated on site with a cogeneration system. The heat released is used to heat the greenhouse. Use is made of natural enemies to keep the plants free of disease and pests. Adjustments can be made as required. Van Schie is a partner of Trias Westland and will be using geothermal energy in 2020.

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Marcel van der Voort and Martin van Schie 

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